Pricing - Hourly or Project $$

you can shop for hours...or call us!

Time is valuable.. yours and ours. Please keep requests job related and we will do our best to simplify selections. Most of what you may be looking for is closer than you think. No need to drive all over the state looking for those finsihing details. We will help customize your final touches .. pots, furniture, yard art, fountains, glass rock, sculptures, personalized stone creations.

Consulting DYI Phone/Email Appointment $45/hr
Shopping Phone/Email Hours + Mileage $30/hr
Collecting Samples Hours + Mileage $30/hr
Project Manager Phone/Email Appointment $150 each
Supervising Crews Weekdays Daily $200/day
Supervising Crews Weekend/Holiday Daily $350/day
Softscape Selections Phone/Email Hours + Mileage $45/hr